Better late than never

Way behind on my monthly injection. Having the worst month in a long time. Trying to come to terms with the end of the family. Plus going insane with trying to keep to a normal life and putting up with the situation in the background. Tonight felt the old echo of AS and that creeping pain so reached for the jab. Left thigh. Life is due to get a lot worse before it gets better. I have two paths ahead. Take a proactive action that may expose a difficult situation or put up with it until the papers are signed. Currently very depressed and hopeless. Not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s see. Life must go on. 

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Back from Asia

Loved Hong Kong. Highly successful visit. Really cool. Lovely people and a city full of surprises. Already planning a trip to Thailand. Just took my April injection – right thigh. No issues. Waited 6 weeks this time round. No back issues but strangely scratched like mad all over for the past few nights. Not sure if this is a symptom. Back into running. Lots of half marathons planned. Ran 10km Birslauf with new PB of 52 mins. Nice. Also did a 25 min 5 km yesterday. Starting new social media job May 1st. Had to wait over 6 months before even knew had a definite job. Crazy times. Summer is on the doorstep. Trying to stay healthy and keep my head up. Need warm weather so badly. Helps AS. Need to think long term about living in a warmer land. Let’s see. Until next time. 

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祝你好运 in Hong Kong

Anyway heading to Hong Kong Monday March 6 for a mad getaway. Not sure how it will work out. But decided to do something I never did before. Start exploring Asia. Took injection tonight at 9.35 pm March 2nd on the left leg. No pain. But hopefully gain. Just got over a cold so should be 100% for the trip. At 8 hours ahead and traveling over 16 hrs Monday to Tuesday I will be bolloxed. Let’s see. It’s an adventure. And you are only young and healthy once. So fuck it. Let’s roll. May get in a run in HK. Will definitely keep busy. See me when I get back. 

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January Chills

Surviving the current harsh Winter weather. -6 degrees on average the past two weeks. Praying for warmer weather. Took the injection tonight right leg. No issues. Maybe waited too long between injections this time. But. A lot going on in the family. Came back December 30 and my world collapsed. Trying to keep smiling and remaining optimistic. Whatever happens. Life goes on. The home life is important and keeping healthy and happy remains a priority. Life is too short to dwell on the past. Looking forward to warmer sunny days and getting on with life. 

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Cool Year End

Took the regular injection again this month. Left thigh. No issues. Or tantrums. Did not fall on the ground writhing in agony or scream like a little girl. Just kept my inner peace. 

Started a new anti crappy weather routine 3 times a week. Running on treadmill using intervals of 12km/HR and mix. For 5K plus. Then weights. 

Leaving the year on a high. A bit nuts but did marathon number 2 (only a month after Sep 25 Basel run) – Oct 30th in Dublins fair city. May need therapy. Loving these runs. Atmosphere really great. Superb crowds. Came in similar time to first marathon. Weather could not have been better. Next year need to pin name on bib. 

Felt great running and finished in good form. Although walking back to hotel took a hundred years and felt like uphill all the way. It was only in Temple Bar. Followed up run with scoops of excellent Dublin ale in a multitude of bars. Enjoyable to the extreme. Already signed up for 2017. 

So all in all completed 2016 in style having kicked AS and ran 26.2 miles not only once but twice. 

Bring it on. 

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Did it! 26.2 miles with AS 

Finally, completed first marathon of 26.2 miles  on Sep 25, 2016 – still smiling with room in the tank! 😛

What I wrote minutes before marathon

  • Nervous
  • Not sure if trained enough
  • Did I eat drink enough
  • Will the gels upset me
  • Should I have worn a hat
  • Looked at map seems really long twice to hafen!
  • Did not jinx it by talking about it
  • Should I have brought phone
  • What if I hit the wall
  • Should I have eaten a last banana
  • Fuck it lets give it a shot before I die. 

Note post marathon. Did it in 4.17! With energy to spare😊
Feelings and Learnings to Remember: got ready at 7 am. Light breakfast. Tram. Used Bluetooth hdset to get pace plus motivation music. This was worth it. Knowing the exact pace allowed me to calculate my run speed better. Started slow with 4.30 pacer team. Then broke away after 10km. Listened to playlist. Plasters on nips. Had a slight issue with multiple WC visits before and during first 5km. Went about 5 times. Vaseline on thighs. Burnt thighs use more in future. Consumed 4 gels. Wore loose shorts as gels went in pockets. Wore TShirt without sleeves – Great in the heat. No hat. Ran a lot in shade. Wore waist bag with iPhone, plasters and spare energy bar (not used). Stretched before run. Drank at each station and snacked all the way. Only 300 runners. Loads of space. Felt good. Felt invincible. Knew I would make it as halfway point was only getting started. Loads of energy and good vibes. Nike even said I did 40 km inside 4 hours. Cool. 

Crossing the finish line felt elated. Not overly emotional. But so happy. Got medal. Grabbed drink. Congratulated Caitlyn the girl who was with me most of last 10-15 km. Talked to Romanian girl. Great atmosphere. 

Important drink sweet drink soon after and food. Really soon. Now legs feel pain. Burning. Feel I have eaten part of me. Totally wrecked for hours after. Hard to stand and walk. Lay down. Can’t sleep. Excited. Trying to stretch. Next day still stiff. Mainly thighs and knees. But worth it. 

So happy it worked out well. Enjoyed every minute! Dublin here I come.  

October jab on right thigh. 

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Sunny September

July, August and so far September have delivered on the long hot Summer promise. Still 30 degrees in mid Sep so can’t complain. Took the jab – left leg tonight. Sharp pinch and some blood. But other than that smooth sailing. Running late with the injection. But not felt any need for medication. Ran 30 km yesterday. In fact whole of last week added up to over 70km. All building to the Sep 25th first marathon. Ready in mind. Ready in body. I will do it but it won’t be easy. But worth it a million times over if I finish with AS on my back. Training schedule has been tough. Lots of heat. Legs felt like lead. Running under water. So many times nearly gave up but kept going. Let’s check back in October. Good luck for the big race. Giving it all I have😀

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